Monday, May 7, 2012

Discovering Inspiration

Sometimes you hit a rough patch; a moment in time when everything seems off and out of place.  Sometimes you know why, other times you don’t.  Either way it can throw you…far.  Far away from your routine, your sensible state of mind, your happiness, and your future goals.  When this moment in time occurs it is hard to find your way back to the place you were once before when all was right in your world, on your path to your destiny.

When we end up in that place, we often have so much on our mind that we cannot control, understand, or solve that we lose a sense of self a bit.  It takes a lot of energy, focus, and determination to find our way back, but it is possible.  We just need inspiration… the perfect suggestion, idea, or even quote or comment that changes our perspective allowing ourselves to shift to a positive state of mind. 
I chose my word for the year to be INSPIRE for a variety of reasons.  Yes, it is great to inspire others, but my main ambition is to soak up the glorious greatness from others.  Inspiration lurks within every situation, but you must keep your eyes wide open to acknowledge it.  And in my past history, I have learned that inspiring people are who help us through the toughest of times.  As I often say, negative energy breeds negative and positive energy breeds positive.  One must make the cognizant decision to choose the positive path and shut the negative down.  It is a mindset.  So in rough patches, you must consciously choose to discover inspiration to pull you through.  It is all around us, but do we SEE it? 
I have truly noticed inspiration often this past week among people in my PLN.  Positive energy has been everywhere….
Marty (@martylstevens)- A post appeared on my RSS Feed reflecting on the word of the year, entitled “Filter”.  Marty shared his personal experience with his own rough patch and how his positive perspective got him through it.  Through is reflection I realized I had lost focus on what was important to me this year:  my word INSPIRE.  Marty’s insight helped me gain the perspective to refocus my daily mindset.  I was off to discover inspiration…
Ally (@Flyonthewall)- Midweek I received a message thanking me for “all I do.”  In a rough patch, those simple words are powerful.  Ally provides continuous encouragement, which is very much appreciated!  Simple conversation can lead to a plethora of ideaswhich is what transpired through the week!
Dallas (@ACommaQueen)- Saturday I read a post written by Dallas (discovered by Ann) that was totally inspiring!  Through discovering her own inspiration she decided to pass it along to others… brilliant end of the school year idea that will be used by many and enjoyed by hundreds of students… we are excited and ready to get started!
Maureen(@lookforsun)- Sunday afternoon I happened across Maureen’s blog post on the topic of Blended Learning, which promoted the first ever enlightening chat #blendchat.  I left the discussion with new ideas and people to follow/connect with.  I was also inspired by Maureen and her dedication to keeping future conversation on the topic alive… and again a desire grew to share my passion with others.
Karen (@LirenmanLearns)- Sunday evening I had another inspiring conversation with Karen, and she mentioned lighting the spark.  We were discussing how to help people believe the potential within an idea and she commented, “It only takes one person to get the fire started.  Then we spark others, who spark others, etc.”  It was an influential statement for me.  In my week of focusing on INSPIRE, she summed up my reflection perfectly.  When we seek out inspiration and then apply the idea/strategy/attitude within our own life we positively affect others.  Our inspiration comes FROM others and then is passed along TO others.  It’s the gift that keeps on giving, and within education it is the gift that should be continuously passed along…. And my own spark was finally glowing again.
Ann (@annottmar)- Today (Monday) Ann was able to hear me process through my reflective thoughts as we began yet another busy week…  Our discussion always inspires me further.  We now have a ROCK STAR plan for the week, but will approach it of course with a JEDI MINDSET  as we also received exciting news for a future opportunity today which is sure to cause inspiration for us, as well as others… we are definitely back to our nerdy selves!
I am so glad I have finally opened my eyes wide again.  Look at all I would have missed if I hadn’t! Thank you to those who contributed to my inspiring week.  As always, I am grateful! 
What inspiration have you discovered lately?  Whose glorious greatness have you had the opportunity to soak up?  I would love to hear about your own mindset shifts, as they help us all grow.  Always remember to share with the people who inspire you and the part they played in your personal discovery and positive change.  It is because of collaboration and communication that sparks happen, so keep the positive energy flowing and celebrate.  It may inspire others in return.


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  1. Wow. It makes my day to be mentioned in your post. Yet, humbling too. All the folks you mention are inspiring. I'd like to put it all in a bottle and drink from it whenever I need. What a tonic that would be. I suppose it is always there for the taking--as you say, "keep your eyes open and acknowledge it" and "positive energy breeds positive". Thanks for allowing me to soak up your inspiration.