Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Our Self Assessment Rubric

With ROBOTS as our theme this year, we decided to name our standards-based grading scale in alignment with our theme!

Moving beyond the standard is a Level 4; NEEDS AN UPGRADE
Meeting standard is a Level 3; OPERATIONAL
Working towards standard is a Level 2; NEEDS A REBOOT
Introduction to the standard is a Level 1;  ANALYSIS NEEDED

Our students have really enjoyed this metaphor.  Recently our students created the rubric (in the photo above) to describe what it would look like and sound like to be OPERATIONAL as independent learners during our math block.  Since our students are fluidly moving between project-based learning activities, independent goal work, partner math, and small groups, it was crucial to have our students develop a deep understanding of their expectations as learners.  This rubric has provided us a platform for self-assessment, reflection, and goal-setting --- truly empowering our students as learners.

 A new favorite slogan of ours?  "Be OPERATIONAL."