Sunday, April 22, 2012

This past month has been long and trying. In my emotional exhaustion I have been reflecting on what makes relationships and partnerships work.  What makes a workplace that is inspiring and comfortable, that is welcoming and productive?  I am a keen observer of people, and push myself to get at the root of the issue.  I am certainly aware that my reactions and perceptions color the picture, so I routinely turn the reflective lens on myself as well.   In reflection, I notice that the most effective partnerships in my life are based on loyalty, trust and a common work ethic, but also on  some far reaching intangibles.  What are they in my book? Read on:

First, It is not a competition.  As a partner I am here to help you and support you. In fact you will be the one who I will most promote. I will sing your praises and tell all who listen how blessed I am to have you.

Second, You can't take yourself too seriously. This means I am not interested in perfection, and most things in life work better if you are flexible and have an open mind. Learning is a process not a destination.

Last, Keep it positive and laugh! So much of the stumbles in life are blips not boulders if you keep a positive perspective. Laughter really is the best medicine, so laugh off the frustrations and just keep moving.

Thankfully when I do face a struggle I am reminded that I am surrounded by people who fit the bill, it leaves me in a grateful state of mind. Celina and the many others, please know I appreciate you!


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