Thursday, January 2, 2014

Discovering Calm

Rejuvenating my energy will require me to find, embrace, and savor the calm when it presents itself. 

Today calm found its way to me through cake. Deliciously dense chocolate heaven and elegant lemon chiffon. 

Something so simple provided a brief moment of calm celebration, rejuvenating my mood and ENERGY. 


***Inspired by #edugood, January Day 2: calm.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014


Thinking about the year ahead connected me with many potential words to guide me through: ASPIRE, ACCOMPLISH, BALANCE, ENERGY, IMAGINE... I was in search of a word that would push me through my current and new commitments & goals.  I wanted a word that would help me to focus on the positive and 'choose happy.'  But I also wanted a word that would extend my journey set forth by INSPIRE (2012) & BELIEVE (2013). 

As the New Year approached, ENERGY was the word clearly calling my name... Aspiring towards my goals to accomplish in the new year would require an abundance of ENERGY.  Balancing my family's daily schedule and calendar with fun and relaxation would demand a strategic use of ENERGY.  Above all, though, focusing on ENERGY would help me to develop a routine of healthy choices and positive mindset, allowing me to continue recognizing and sharing INSPIRATION while BELIEVING all things are possible.  

I will be aware of the fuel I need to recharge my body and mind with necessary ENERGY. 

I will strategically use my ENERGY to ensure I maintain my focus and accomplish my goals.

I will be mindful of the ENERGY I bring into the spaces I enter. 

I am confident ENERGY will provide me with the surge I need for 2014.