Sunday, May 13, 2012

My Mother, My Teacher

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In light of Mother’s Day falling at the end of Teacher Appreciation Week, I found myself reflecting on my own amazing mother through a different lens this year.  As I celebrate her in my mind, I think of all she has taught me over the years.  For many of us our mothers were our first teachers, and mine did a fabulous job preparing me for the world in which I have anchored myself within. 

I celebrate my mom as my teacher, as she has:
…opened my world to new experiences and let me explore my interests. 
…recognized my strengths and has always pushed me to push myself. 
…modeled an innate desire to grow, always displaying a deep passion for learning herself.
…encouraged creativity every step of the way, by way of her own artistic abilities.
…taught me the essential need for a positive attitude and outlook on life.
…supported each and every one of my dreams. 
…found humor, laughter, and smiles in all situations.
…encouraged my voice, honoring my thinking and celebrating my uniqueness. 
…given me the confidence to shine in the face of challenges and smile during courageous moments.  
…appreciated diversity and inspired me to respect others for their individuality.

...helped me to recognize and appreciate the small moments.

For all of us celebrating our Mothers this weekend, I encourage you to reflect on your first teacher, your own incredible mom.  Consider the path she set before you at an early age and thank her for being the amazing guide that she is, sharing in your learning experiences through your life.  Celebrate with her your accomplishments that you continue to achieve with her by your side.  Appreciate the wisdom that she continues to deliver as encouragement for your current goals.
Thank you, Mom, for all you have done to inspire and guide me through my life.  You are by far my favorite teacher.  I love you.


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