Friday, April 6, 2012

Sometimes We Need to Breathe

Everyone in my life who truly knows me for me would tell you I never slow down, but they also accept my drive and passion and resist their criticism. Infact they treasure me for me, as I feel their unconditional support. They know me well enough to know I love my daily work. They know me well enough to know I will prioritize appropriately. They know me well enough to know I will take a break when my body and mind requires it.

Spring Break has been that time for me, when life literally came to a screeching halt- it doesn't happen often, but giving in to the exhaustion allowed me a time of rejuvenation. A chance to breathe and let go negative energy and stress.

As I disconnected a bit to engage in a little personal therapy, I fell back on the things that inspire me: exercise, books, coffee, music, and sunshine. We all need "me-time" once in awhile, and all of these things helped me to breathe deep and gain perspective.

I downloaded new books to my NOOK and hibernated a bit. But I also loaded my iPhone with variety of new music, laced up my Nikes often, and soaked up every little bit of sunshine the Pacific Northwest has had to offer. I have been exercising daily again, which has brightened my spirit. And coffee has been warming my heart as usual- but enjoyably so.

My mind is clear, my soul is calm, and my heart is full of hope. I am ready to resume my routine and push forward towards my personal goals. My breath of fresh air has sent me on the persuit of inspiration again.

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