Saturday, March 24, 2012

And the Rockstar Award Goes to...

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What a week!  I had a lot of so called “downtime” due to the circumstances at home, but seriously there was NO mental break.  I am ending the week actually more tired than most and I only made it to work 1.5 days out of 5.  So that is why my AMAZING, GENUINE, INSPIRATIONAL teaching partner is receiving the Rockstar Award!  Ann totally rocked the week:

·         She faced each day with resilience
·         She was calm in the face of unpredictability
·         She juggled 50 students, the needs of colleagues, and parent concerns with care
·         She welcomed 3 guest teachers into our classroom (2 of which had never subbed for us before)
·         She maintained her humor amidst the changes in routine
·         She attended 2 trainings, finding inspiration and courage
·         She assisted me in preparing for our first observation of several in the days to come
·         She put into practice a new routine to meet students social/emotional needs
·         She mentored our university student and a new teacher throughout the week
·         She mothered my daughter through the stress she was facing
·         She lesson planned on her own, creating engaging lessons and activities to meet students’ needs
…but most of all, with all of this on her plate she maintained her contact with me through texts, photos, emails, tweets, and phone conversations.  She kept me up to date, but also was a dear friend showing empathy for my personal situations. 
I am so very thankful...Everyone give her a shout out please!  She deserves it.


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