Monday, March 19, 2012

Lots on the Agenda

So much on the calendar these next 9 school days:
> 2 after school Trauma Trainings
> Grade level meetings (not sure we can juggle 3 this time though)
> Collaboration with Mentees (amazing conversation with these women!)
> District Committee Meeting(me), Professional training(Ann)
> Team observations to support our math grant
> 3 Team Meetings for student concerns
> Mini Book Club Discussion
> Presentation to a newly forming student ASCD Chapter at a local university

All leading up to a SPRING BREAK! (Which is bound to be full of family, fun, play, books, exercise, travel, and hopefully sun & relaxation...)

Ideas to get us through??? far...
Strategy #1: Coffee in hand!
Strategy #2: Daily exercise to keep energy level up
Strategy #3: Jedi breathing
Others?? What do you do when your agenda is crammed? Inspiration welcome :)


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