Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Wow, nothing like a more challenging day to bring about some much needed perspective.  Today was such a day, and despite the tired body and brain in reflection I am made aware of the distance we have come and all the things we have accomplished.  Growth, progress, success, maybe none of these are truly appreciated until you take that much needed pause.  That moment when you are "cooking" along and hit a speed bump.  That jarring sensation that says, "Whoa!"  Despite this I am not defeated, if anything I am elated and amazed because the pause is also a call to attention.  Look what has transpired, look where you were 6 weeks ago, look where things are now.  Our little community of learners are growing right out of our expectations, which brings to mind the mindset of realizing there are so many  more wonderful things to come!  Perspective, I thank you.

Completely loving the site Inspiring, refreshing, informative, the best money I have spent on my professional development in a long while! 

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