Friday, November 11, 2011

Full Circle Moments

Times in our life that follow a pattern are “Full Circle Moments” to me.  For survival purposes, our brain likes the ritual of routines, behaviors, schedules, etc.  Full Circle Moments play into that for me.  Some call them “highs” and “lows”.  But for me, I do not like the terminology in this per say.  I would rather think of following a structure that allows for reflection and growth to occur to get us back into a place of comfort, allowing us to take on the next challenge.  Thus, a never ending- unbreakable- circle.

As a classroom teacher, raising the bar with standards and expectations sometimes causes challenges or even frustration.  Although facing challenges can be good, the moment of change can cause everything to seem out of whack.  The students’ reactions can become even more elevated through the adjustment phase (which would be considered the low point for some).  However, as students and teachers begin to show more growth with the standards and expectations at hand, the mood changes and relaxation sets in.  Achievement creates the calm after the storm (the high point).  And when we have reached the top arc of the circle, we must again “mix-it-up” by raising the bar.  We know learning cannot become stagnant, but the only way to ensure it doesn’t is to continue to push students towards their potential with continuous challenges. 
When we are in the “dip” of the process (the bottom arc of the circle), we must remember that we need to stay resilient and keep pushing forward.  Change is uncomfortable for many, and challenge is just that- a change in the learning process.  The climb back up to the top is the hardest part, but the reward when you reach the summit is incredible. 

So when in the place, with myself or my students, where I can easily slip into a negative rut, I need to keep a positive perspective and wait for my Full Circle Moment.


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