Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The Power of One Word

Another year with a single word by my side.  I still am amazed at how "one-little-word" can have such a positive, dynamic impact on a person.  I will always be grateful that Ann encouraged me to simplify my new years' goals to a word providing direction rather than another list of "to-dos".  

For the past year, BELIEVE has been my simplified goal.  A word that inspired me to read a favorite series with my daughter believing there is always time for sharing favorite books (in which we tracked 28 shared together this year)! A word that helped me to conquer my book gaps, bringing more variety into my literate life with a focus on language, genres, and closely reading with deep purpose.  A word that gave me the strength to keep my running stamina throughout the entire year, believing this consistent exercise to be the key factor in my positive mood, focus, and thinking. A word that helped me to provided support to my family and friends as they embarked on personal change and challenges, believing that everything happens for a reason and will make us stronger together.  A word that kept me believing in the #edugood around me, helping me to advocate for and believe in practices that support the empowerment of students and their voice.  A word that provided me with the encouragement to challenge myself with new possibilities, believing that whatever is meant to be will be but we must not close our own doors.  A word that simply gave me the strength to be me and believe in myself.

BELIEVE provided an inspirational learning journey in 2013, proving that INSPIRE would always be a part of my mindset, my goals, my character. Even though INSPIRE was my word for 2012, it always remains close by my side.  In 2013 INSPIRE connected me to great books, helped me find enjoyment in the weather of the season, unveiled ways to share inspiration with others, kept me attentive to student voice, shined itself on new opportunities, and led me to quotes that kept me going.

Choosing a one-little-word for the upcoming year is more to me than just choosing a goal or resolution. It will be a word that provides a springboard into the future; a word that will allow me to be more intentional about my current goals while providing a vision for longterm goals. 

So as I leap into a new year with profound ENERGY, I know my words of the past will continue to support me and compliment my new word and personal goals. 


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