Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Today kicked off one of the best forms of Professional Development I have ever experienced, thus resulting in major #brainspins. (Thank you, Google Hangout!)

Ann and I connected with @cherylsteighner & @KLirenman for an #eduparty. This first collab was a "get to know you" so to speak. But instant laughs ensued, along with a plethora of questions, ideas, and confirmations. our conversation lasted just over a hour, but time flew by! We covered a variety of topics: our unique teaching roles, One-Little-Word ideas, #edcamp, using Twitter for PD, differences between US & Canada, perspectives, how Karen's last name almost spells IRONMAN, and their (slight) sympathy for us already being back to school while they continue to read and relax... Our conversation ended with silly photos, inspired by @ktvee, as Cheryl and I are also participating in the #edugood Project 365.

We all 4 were so inspired we plan to make this PD a beginning of the month ritual. Can I just express how much I appreciate connecting with like-minded teachers? Teachers who are in out-of-the-box teaching roles and can relate to the ups and downs of the job. Teachers who can offer ideas for unique challenges we face in our teaching roles. Teachers who can lightheartedly laugh and enjoy learning together, spreading #edugood.

These conversations cause #brainspins, which is only curable by a prescription of
lengthy processing, blogging to reflect, and shout-outs to show appreciation to those who helped the deep thinking occur. SO... I'm sending a HUGE thank you to Ann, Karen, and Cheryl. Rejuvenation is key!

...and I only have one more question... Hey Krissy- do you want to join our next #eduparty?


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  1. Great post Celina and you're right, the sympathy did end quickly when I realized you got off on your break before I did so I have every right to still be on my break - and LOVING IT TOO!

    It was really great to finally "see" you after we've had so many amazing discussions via twitter. I also love that we were two countries, and grades which included 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5. Not bad I'd say. Plus all that curly hair in one place. Who would ever have imagined that?

    Looking forward to our next one