Sunday, December 30, 2012


What an amazing year it had been! It seems as though it flew by ever so quickly, though... Anyone else have that feeling?

Maybe it's because it was jam packed with events, goals, moments to treasure, and endless reading. (I must take this moment to personally thank Apple for helping me truly organize my life at my fingertips! ...2012 was a year of getting to know all the potential in my devices!) Simply put, my iPad was FULL of books to pack everywhere I went. My iPhone Notepad was consistently crammed with goal lists & my Calendar was full of family events and professional meetings; both apps thankfully keeping me be responsible and focused through the busy weeks. My iPhone camera kept track of all the priceless moments, as I greatly enjoyed my inspirational journey through the year. And my extensive apps and music kept my mind challenged, relaxed, and entertained. :)

As I look back on the year and my own professional growth, I continue to be reminded of and inspired by Seth Godin's "Shipping List". When I consider my highlights of 2012, I think again of the moments that have given me the inspiration to keep up my momentum. And I ponder the professional successes that will carry over into 2012 as encouragement.

So... here is my 2nd annual INSPIRATION LIST:
- Beginning a successful 2nd year of our Multiage Pilot with Ann.
- Becoming a Whole Child Blogger for ASCD.
- Presenting with Ann at the WSASCD conference in Seattle.
(Empower Students: 5 Powerful Strategies)
- Introducing Brain Books to other educators
- Chatting with my PLN regarding inspiring educational ideas
(#21stedchat, #gtie, #5thchat, #4thchat, #gtchat)
- Connecting w/ like minded educators around the globe often
(@KLirenman, @cherylsteighner, @ktvee, @Kkht6912- Thank you for our frequent conversations!)
- Researching best practices amidst dynamic changes
- Facilitating local professional development opportunities
- Reading a variety of text to enhance my own personal growth
- Conversing, communicating, and collaborating with Ann
(I think we share a brain some days!)

Big things are on the horizon. I sense exciting moments, engaging conversations, thoughtful goals, and intense reflection around the corner in 2013. INSPIRE will send me into the new year, BELIEVE will be waiting to guide me on my 365 day journey. I can't wait...


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  1. Connecting with you and Ann has been a definite highlight of my 2012! I'm so thankful our paths have crossed and look forward to future conversations and collaborations. :)