Friday, November 23, 2012

Thriving on Collaboration

Ann and I thrive on collaboration. Do you???

We could not imagine our daily work without the inspiration acquired from:
  • Conversations on the fly
  • Lunches with people who share moments of support and laughter
  • Emails that make us think deeply, smile, and share jokes
  • Recommendations for books, and conversations through book clubs
  • Twitter #chats (#21stedchat, #5thchat, #4thchat, and #gtie chatters- we always enjoy the collaborative spirit!)
  • Connections made with other educators
  • Formal collaborations, meetings, and trainings driven by conversation and learner needs, not agendas ;)
  • Blogs we follow, and comment conversations that lead to new ideas
  • Conferences, emails, and conversations with parents
  • Connecting with students, getting excited about books, concepts, themes, and laughs

As we approach the Thanksgiving Break, we just wanted to say THANK YOU to those who support us, celebrate with us, and encourage us to grow.  Your inspiration helps us to be courageous, but also humbles us in your presence, support, and conversations.  You matter.

~Celina and Ann

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