Sunday, July 1, 2012

Finding the Courage to Fly

Big personality, small stature.
Loud body, soft heart.
Overactive mind, inactive voice.

Excited to share
But reserved,
Not wanting to intimidate or annoy.
Over processing situations and
Potential outcomes;
Curious about the criticism.

Inner thoughts allowing
For discovery and deep reflection.
In search of like-minded souls,
Dedicated to relationships.
Connecting with positive energy,
Finding security in acceptance.

Through experiences
gaining perspective.
Learning to appreciate
My inner bling-
Allowing it to shine.
Finding the courage to fly.


***This art piece was my personal sculpture, and the poem was my artist statement- both created during my professional development experience last week centered around the Arts. We were asked to create each, symbolizing memories of a time when we felt like an outsider.  A very thoughtful, therapeutic activity I highly recommend...

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