Sunday, July 22, 2012

A Partnership that Works

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I continue to appreciate the abundance of resting, playing, reading, planning, and learning the summertime has had to offer. Spending time in the sun, exploring with my kids, conversing with friends, and spending quiet time processing has allowed for some much needed rejuvenation.

As I have reached the stage of needing ideas put to paper, though, the next segment of summer begins.  That transition from previous lessons learned to new adventures on the horizon.  Ann and I have engaged in inspiring dialogue that has enhanced our excitement for the upcoming school year. We have chosen our theme, brainstormed concepts of focus, pinned a ton of organizational techniques, built our knowledge base of the CCSS, and began the creation of our schedules/planning sheets/calendars.

We are in the mind-swapping mode, which can get a little geeky at times. (Which is why our partnership works so well!)  And we have been very fortunate to work with amazing colleagues/friends this summer that push us forward with every conversation.  Our “geekin’ out” sessions have been quite fun and absolutely rewarding.  The ideas that spark within our conversations inspire new direction and possibilities.  We appreciate the diversity among our team and find each and every moment together valuable.

So as these interactions have occurred this summer, I have been reflecting often about my appreciation towards my team and my teaching partner.  And I quickly connected it to the overarching theme of “GROW” that Ann and I will use with our students this year, along with the symbol of a tree.  My thoughts landed on:

A partnership is rooted in trust, branches into respect, and blooms into friendship; that is the essence of a partnership that works.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this metaphor.  Does it connect to a teaching partnership that works in your life?

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