Sunday, June 24, 2012


Yep, that's me... giddy about the upcoming Professional Development opportunity ahead of me this week.  And let's be honest, Ann is too.... I know this because we have shared a few giddy texts back and forth today.  And actually she is probably more gaga than giddy, because this week we are attending an Art Impact Institute :  5 full days of hands-on, interactive training. Yahoo!!

In the beginning I said no to participating in the opportunity, as it is a 2-year commitment (in conjunction to a grant) and I had planned on other commitments this summer.  However, as we were in desperate need of another person to attend (along with Ann dangling the carrot, because she has been syked for MONTHS), I agreed with excitement.  As the week approached and I had many days to rest and rejuvenate, I began to feel the excitement grow.  Then reading the schedule last week sent me over the moon!   I felt like Krissy Venosdale as she was counting down the days to Space Camp... Thinking about spending a week deeply engrossed in your passion is an incredible feeling. 

Ann and I (along with many other remarkable educators, trainers, and experts) get to participate in over 40 hours of Art, Theatre, and Dance.  Yep!  WE get to learn, dance, create, collaborate and perform!  It is so thrilling to prepare for a learning experience that is not a "sit-and-get".  Ooohhhh the possibilities!

So it leaves me thinking as I approach my week of learning... Do our students get giddy about coming to school and go gaga over the possibilities of what they are about to learn?  And how do we ensure that they do/are? 

Hmmmmm.... More to come, I'm sure of it, as Ann and I reflect together throughout the week.


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