Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Observation Brings Inspiration

Ann and I had the luxury of spending time in the classrooms of a few colleagues outside of our building. With our busy schedules and limited financial resources it is a challenge to get out and about. But today we found a way to make it happen and we jumped at the opportunity!

We made many connections today regarding the ways our teaching practices/programs are similar. We found the following key elements refreshing:

*meet students where they are
*think outside of the box
*offer choice
*use a project-based approach
*connect with parents often
*teach with variety
*allow for exploration
*enjoy every moment of your job
*build positive relationships
*smile, laugh, joke :)

We appreciated our time away, valuing an opportunity to pursue our own personal growth. Moments like these offer insight into new perspectives and promote potential growth in ourselves.


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