Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Yesterday we began with a Brain Breakfast asking the questions:  Who is your Superhero?  What is your Superpower?  (As we were both, of course, dressed in our Wonder Woman tee-shirts…)  

The students had the best time writing reflections and developing a piece of art representing their hero and power.  The majority of students created their own hero, and each hero represented students and their personalities perfectly.  J  This became another activity that allowed us to support the social/emotional needs of our students.  We enjoyed the excitement, humor, and inspiration expressed during the activity!
Today we asked our students to ponder the realistic Superpowers of Mrs. B and Mrs. O, as well as their own personal ones.  The collaborative responses were powerful for us to hear:
Our Superpowers:
·         “Brainy” Power
·         Power Teaching
·         The Power of Knowledge and Niceness
·         Student Power- (learning from the students)
·         Power to Help Students Grow
Their Superpowers:
·         Power to Teach and Learn
·         Power to Learn Anything
·         The Power to Absorb the Knowledge of Resources
·         Power to be Respectful, Responsible, and Engaged
·         Blooming Power- (Ability to Grow!)
The best part of this activity was that our substitute gathered this information from them for us.  It was a very meaningful surprise and definitely brightened our day.  We were so impressed with the “Superpowers” they highlighted.  They completely focused on the elements of our classroom, and we appreciated how they view themselves within our learning environment.  They truly are amazing teachers to us and each other.  (We were bummed there was no mention of our Humor Power or Power of Dance!) 

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