Friday, January 27, 2012

10 Reasons I Love My Job!

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Our job as educators can be challenging, exhausting, and exhilarating (all in the same moment sometimes). This week was all of these things for me- a GIANT balancing act as usual.... and I enjoyed every minute! Ending the week I found it necessary to reflect on the 10 reasons I love my job:

1. Every minute of every meeting, conversation, discussion, lesson, teachable moment, text, video, tweet, blog post, conference I am forced to THINK!  Which results in personal growth, allowing me to be a better teacher.
2.  Empowering students with a VOICE has allowed me to also grow tremendously, daily.  Their feedback is powerful.  Plus it allows them to be an advocate for their own learning.
3.  EMPATHY is now a part of our daily focus.
4.  Student GROWTH is celebrated daily.
5.  LAUGHTER is a part of the daily routine!
6.  COLLABORATION is no longer just teacher lingo.  Students collab frequently regarding their ideas, thinking, research, projects, literature, goals, etc.!
7.  UNIQUENESS of students & teachers is celebrated!  Our learning styles, intelligences, interests, and personality needs are met every day.
8.  I ENJOY the small moments:  the simple interactions with students and adults that inspire me.
9.  My teaching PARTNERSHIP with Ann is powerful, and the partnership we have built with our students is the ultimate teaching experience.
10.  Our students interact in a PERSONALIZED environment with goals that are tailored to their individual needs.  They guide their own learning process, teach others, seek out resources, and interact with energy.  We proudly facilitate the process.
Did I mention I love my job?!?

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