Friday, December 2, 2011

Redefining Nerd

According to a nerd is a “dull person devoted to a nonsocial pursuit”.  It also discusses the origin of this word coming from 1940’s slang for a “crazy person”.  All of this makes us laugh… Since our team-teaching endeavor began (in relation to our new program) we may act a little crazy in our pursuit for knowledge, but we have had nothing but a social experience.  We read/research, reflect, discuss, and collaborate regarding every book we that ends up in our hands. (…and when we don’t have a book in our hands we buy another…)
We are joked with frequently for being "crazy nerds" who read books, research, websites and blogs for fun in our free-time.  We are happy with it, we love the title and wear that crown proudly!!  Our take on Nerd Day was the true defintion of a Nerd... two teachers celebrating, "We're nerdy and we know it!"

Our new definition for the 21st century:  A nerd is a person who is Notorious for Enthusiasm, Reflection, and Discussion in regards to a specific topic.
We encourage you to celebrate your “Inner 21st Century NERD"!!

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  1. We are only just beginning to find our inner nerd!
    Catheleen and Leslie