Saturday, December 31, 2011

My Inspiration List 2011

Ann has talked with me about her one-word-journals for some time now.  As she finds ideas, thoughts, and revelations related to her WORD, she documents them in one special space.  It provides a focus for the year, inevitably replacing the traditional “resolution”.  

Many words have bounced around my head in the past two weeks, as I have been trying to decide upon THE one-word that will fit me in 2012.  Choosing one word is a difficult process, as I compiled a long list on my iPhone in just a short amount of time.  Believe, think, inspire, humble, cultivate, calm, explore, and respect had all made the first cut.  My final decision came this past week when I finally realized (very deeply) what word I should pick.  It was while reading Doug Johnson’s Post regarding his “2011 Shipping List.”  This post was inspired by Seth Godin, which in turn inspired me.  And that’s when I decided upon INSPIRATION as my one-word.  My own “shipping list” is just that; professional successes that will carry over into 2012 as encouragement.  The inspiration around me needs to be my focus for the year in order to keep me charged and moving forward with my growth mindset intact. (I see this WORD directly aligning to the goals I have within my personal life as well!)

Here are my professional celebrations from 2011, in the order they were accomplished, now dubbed My Inspiration List:
1.       Received Washington State ASCD’s Outstanding Young Educator Award for 2011
2.       Established a 3/4/5 Multiage Program with Ann, which is flourishing with student growth and percolating with a constant flow of inspiration  
3.       Presented with colleagues at the Association of Washington School Principals (AWSP)/ Washington Association of School Administrators (WASA) Summer Conference on Student Target Walls (a student self-assessment tool aligned to  our state standards and standards-based grading)
4.       Collaborated with Ann to create our BLOG:  Work Hard, Be Courageous, Celebrate Growth (and WooHoo! We already have over 1,000 views which is very surreal for me and Ann!  Thank you to our readers because we really enjoy sharing our reflection process with you J)
5.       Began developing a PLN, connecting with teachers across the country and around the world
6.       Achieved a Published Post on ASCD’s Whole Child Blog {SLCs (Student Learning Communities)}
7.       Frequently viewed Posts on ASCD EDge, which is very humbling and inspires me to continue writing
Ann, you INSPIRE me daily and a one-word-journal is a genius suggestion, predictably the topic of my first reflection page in my journal tomorrow…  I do not take for granted the blessings from 2011.  I will glide into the New Year with My Inspiration List, allowing it to encourage my future accomplishments.  My list will continue to grow as I seek to be inspired by the people, ideas, and world around me.  In turn, I will continue sharing my ideas with others in hopes to also INSPIRE.


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  1. Woo-hoo I am already inspired! My word will be Courage! Look out 2012!