Monday, December 31, 2012

Voice for 2013

Well like most people I am often drawn to the NEW YEAR hype of starting over, sort of a reboot if you will. Instead this year I am choosing to be inspired by my pal Celina, and this quote from Whole Living Magazine:


it's an opportunity to take your next big step.

So Step 1 One-Little-Word: Every year about this time I think of what word will be my guide through the year. Past words have included BREATHE when I was a stay-at-home mom, and FAITH when I returned to the work force. In 2012 my word was COURAGE and I remember being completely curious last year at this time as to why that word kept coming up. Well, thankfully it was the word I chose, I needed courage in spades in 2012 to keep moving forward. The word served me well, pushed me and helped me to discover hidden levels of strength I didn't know I possessed.
This past month I have been contemplating words and the one that kept speaking to me (no pun intended) was VOICE, so gauging that my intuition knows me best I am moving forward with it for 2013. Now I am considering what I will use my VOICE for, where I will use it, how it will serve me in conversations and interactions. The thing with VOICE is that you have to know when to speak and at the same time when not to, like any delicate balancing act. In my mind’s eye, I see myself working on my skills of communication, intentional listening, effective feedback and understanding from other points of view.  At the same time I will be continuing to reflect and refine my VOICE through writing, blogging, and discussing with Celina and my other teaching partners.  Even my at-home self needs to learn to hold her VOICE when attempting to talk reason with a hungry pre-teen and tired teenager!
Sometimes my voice will be loud and sometimes silent, and I am perfectly fine with figuring it out as I go, learning along the way and evolving into someone who uses VOICE for good in the world. Let 2013 enter with a hue and a cry, and of course VOICE! ~Ann
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